Blog 1
It has been my intention for a long time to set up a website
which is aimed mainly at grandparents who are interested in
writing their own memoirs or fiction, who are also interested
in creating supplementary retirement income.

An Octogenarian`s blog will be my personal writings, both
memoirs and fictional works, hopefully encouraging others
to take to writing and sharing their efforts.

Everyone can write, and everyone has stories to tell. Our
grandchildren now live in a different world from the one
that we have lived in and if my own grandchildren represent
their generation, I can assure you that yours will be interested
in reading your stories.

My wife and I were born in the 1930s so we lived throughout
WW2, facing air raids, sirens, food and clothes rationing, all
of which bring back memories that make good stories. they can
be used to start with in your writing.

My parents had no opportunities to write, and I regret very much
that the stories they could have written about them selves and
their parents will never be known.

My personal life has provided me with countless subjects that
I can share with the world, thanks to computers, cameras and
I am determined to record as much as I can, while I can.

My own life has been full of changes and has provided me with
lots of memories to write about.

One of my first memories is of celebrating the coronation of
King George VI, soon afer my enrolement at primary school.
The whole school formed lines in the playground and all the
children received a tin which bore a picture of the royal family
filled with sweets.

That tin was used by my mother as a tea caddy until she died
55 years later. I could build a story around that and everyone
has similar memories that could be used for a story.

You will see a list to the right of this blog, containing links
to some of my writings. I hope these will give you encouragement
to sit down and start writing.

Your comments would be welcomed